b/w photographs

with black and white photography I investigate life through everyday moments. Shot with rangefinder cameras and film.


Street photography with the capture of the relations between persons, places, has taken place in Genoa during the years of my living inside its historic center.


Franka is the name a 6×6 film camera from the 50’s. She travelled the world, reaching the 591photography blog editors, and took their visions. These are mine in Genoa, Italy.

Closer to beyond

During my 20 years of living in the historic center of Genova, I realized how different can be, from person to person, the perception and so the description made of that part of the city.

Firenze and return

Moments from a short trip to Florence countryside from Ligurian landscapes and return.

Inner and Outer Metropolis

Inner and Outer Metropolis is a project about a psichological identity. The identity you give to a place. It was originally intended to be named “the Inner part and the Outer part of my Metropolis”, a project born in the city of Genova (IT), and first exhibited in the city of Budapest (HU).