Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to measure the color blue?
During your travels or while you wanders taking some fresh air.
Designing your new interior and looking for inspiration.
Sketching in plein-air a new painting.
Connecting your blues to some nice poetry or a piece of music and sharing it with someone else.

I made this Cyanometer, entirely by hand, inspired by the first instrument that Horace Bénédict de Saussure created in 1789 to measure the transparency and colour of the sky. He discovered why the sky changes color. Humboldt used that instrument in his explorations in South America.

Today this poetic and useful tool, printed by hand in Cyanotype on pure cotton paper is for you, to let you measure every day the blueness of the sky, the sea or the soul, with a variety of fifty shades.

“The Cyanometer is absolutely beautiful in every way, even the packaging. It sits out to be admired with some of my other special vintage art tools. I include the color number on my notes when sketching landscapes; photos often miss the right color of the sky. It has been very helpful when returning to my art space to complete my drawing or painting. If you paint it is truly a treasure tool to have.”

from the reviews in my Etsy shop

Available for you in my Etsy shop, with or without its own beautiful and simple wooden Stand made out of Sapele redwood and waxed by hand, to be displayed on a bookshelf or a furniture.

To create a community, based on our daily blue(s) more than on our own profiles, I created a Facebook open group called Explorers of the Blue. Please, join and share! Explorers of the Blue

Using the hashtag #explorersoftheblue in Instagram (and Facebook too) we generate a media library that will connect our blue(s).
You can look for and follow the hashtag #explorersoftheblue in Instagram to see what’s new there.

If you are a graphic designer or interested in colors, here below there is a pdf document which relates the shades of the Cyanometer to Pantone® solid uncoated codes. Due to the reproduction of the cyanometer, that is printed on off-white cotton paper, and to the more limited range of colors contained into Pantone®, a sort of approximate match has to be expected.

Here below you see in a video what you’ll receive at your home 🙂

I hope you can enjoy all you days and make good use of them together with the cyanometer!

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