curious objects and art pieces

    Key rings and different Hanging hooks nice for the keys or in the kitchen too. A matt varnish guarantees resistance over time. Made with recicled pallet wood.

    Key rings with sea or cactus images. A glossy varnish guarantees resistance over time. Made with recicled corks. In brown and white finish.

    keyrings made with recicled corks and a cyanotype print


    Portable Beaches.
    Recicled glass, a coloured lanyard, sand and a shell. Cyanotype on the closing cork.

    portable beaches


    Healing Lanzarote.
    Empty boxes that used to have medicines inside. I recicled them, turning them inside out, and printed in cyanotype, naming them Healing Lanzarote because here the medicine is around you. The medicine is outside now.

    healing lanzarote vintage nuove

    On the front of the larger boxes you find the “Active Ingredients”: Embracing Sun, Protecting Sea, Supporting Volcanoes, Powerful Nature. Total: Marvel.


    On the back of the box you find the directions, where the idea is a “translation” from a real vintage headache pill box. Inside the box there are tiny bits of lava, which make the “sea sound”  described in the directions.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


    Elixir of Lanzarote
    Very old mini liquor bottles have become the container for your most precious treasure ideas, with a label made at size for them.

    elixir lanzarote.jpg

    Elixir of Lanzarote


    Cardboard magnets.
    Architectural details from La Villa de Teguise, former capital of Lanzarote.

    magnetsmagnets new1magnets new2

    cyanotype magnets on cardboard with paper insert