Botanical Greeting Cards – set n.1



During my walks I often find very beautiful plants, and often they are also endemic species of Lanzarote.
I photograph and give them a new poetic life in my greeting cards.
They are printed by hand in classic cyanotype, on a pure cotton paper, Arches Platine 310g. The printed area is 10.5 x 16 cm.
The interior is left white so you can write your message, on the back you will find the scientific name of the plant beside my signature.

As shown in the photos, it’s a set of three greeting cards (Euphorbia terracina, Euphorbia regis jubae, Euphorbia paralias). If you like to have a different selection, please contact me and I will send you the three cards of your preference chosen between the sets available in my shop.

They are very beautiful once you frame them as a piece of a botanical collection. It is an option you might want to consider for your home or for a gift by itself.
A beautiful cyanotype photograph to decorate your life, or to be gifted as a nature poetry.

Printed by hand. A real cyanotype analog photograph. Each item I sell is an original, different from the others. To be collected.

– closed card dimension (front print dimension): 10.5×16 cm (4.2″x6″ ca).
– open card dimension: 21×16 cm (8.4″x6″ ca).
– process: classic cyanotype formula from 1842.
– paper: Arches Platine, 100% cotton, no alkaline reserve, 310g/mq.
– framing: unframed.
– shipping: anti humidity/scratch/bending package. Certified mail with tracking number.

Cyanotype is a very unique process where the photographic emulsion is prepared with two different iron salts. You need a black and white negative as large as the image to contact-print a photograph. The emulsion is UV sensitive (like with many other alternative photographic processes) so the exposure is made with the help of the sun. Developing a cyanotype is very eco-friendly because you need only water, no chemical developer or fixer is used in the process.

I am an artisan, living in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and I work with recycled materials, making prints in cyanotype. The blue sky and the ocean have been the reason for me to change from my black and white photography to the wonderful prussian blue of cyanotype. The power of hundreds volcanoes and the ocean treasures of Lanzarote always inspire me.


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